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Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao

Hon’ble Chief Minister,

Sri V. Srinivas Goud

Hon’ble Minister, Prohibition & Excise, Sports & Youth Services, Tourism & Culture and Archaeology ,
Government of Telangana

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

Please provide details of the powers and duties of officers and employees of the authority by designation as follows :

Sl. No. Name of the officer / employee Designation Duties allotted Powers
1   Statutory:    
2   Statutory:    
3   Statutory:    
4   Statutory:    


   Service matters of all employees, maintenance of roster of all employees.

  1. All benefits and concessions to employees.           
  2. Vigilance Cell. 
  3. Administration Report. 
  4. Vehicles. 
  5. Cell Phones.
  6. Govt., Correspondence.
  7. Sending periodical reports to Govt., on Performance & Core Indicators.
  8. Board Meetings. 
  9. Monitoring and maintenance of Computer Wing. 
  10. Estt. of MSAs.
  11. Grievances Cell of staff.
  12. Maintenance of office.
  13. The Inward & Dispatch Cell.
  14. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Conduct of all both National and International tournaments including Rural, University, Women, Tribal Sports and School Games & CM’s Cup Tournaments.
  2. All purchases and issues (Purchase & Auction Committee to be constituted).
  3. Foreign material procurement. 
  4. All Inventories
  5. Sports Calendar.  
  6. Sanction of Finances to DSAs and submission of accounts to “F” Section.
  7. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.  


  1. Sports Policy.
  2. Coaching assignments and Coaching Camps. 
  3. Orientation Courses / PETs, Workshops/Seminars.  
  4. Performance of Coaches. 
  5. Maintenance of Academies. 
  6. Sanction of Finances to Academies and submission of Bills / vouchers Accounts (‘F’ Section) for settlement. 
  7. KSS Scheme, A.P. Sports School, Sports schools. 
  8. Inspection of Coaching Centers. 
  9. SAI Coaches / Correspondence. 
  10. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.  


  1. Maintenance & construction of all the stadia at Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy including Water, Electrical and other miscellaneous works.
  2. Infrastructures files on Engineering subject if referred. 
  3. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Estate & Legal Affairs.
  2. IMG.
  3. C.M. Video Conference.
  4. C.M.P Cases.
  5. Dial your C.M. and Governors speech.
  6. N.G. Games Village and AAG correspondence.
  7. Sports functions in Headquarters.
  8. Legal Cell.
  9. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Finance and Accounts under Plan and Non-Plan. 
  2. To maintain record of Audited accounts and UCs for the grant released to DSAs, Sports Associations and Academies. 
  3. Preparation of Budget Estimates, Number Statements.
  4. All bills for drawal of Grants, Salaries, Pension and expenditure statements. 
  5. Maintenance of all accounts of SATS, maintenance of EPF and GPF accounts of employees.  Sanction and settlement of GPF advances as per the directions of the GPF Trust. 
  6. Sanction of Loans to employees.  
  7. TA/DA bills, Academies bills, Telephone bills, Cell Phone bills, Pay & Play accounts, All Registers relating to account of SATS.
  8. Preparation of expenditure statement, Internal and Statutory Audit of SATS. 
  9. All subjects related to SATS finances and accounts. 
  10. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Pay and Play Scheme. 
  2. Maintenance of Stadia at Hyderabad and R.R. District with 8 stadium Administrators, Security of Stadia. 
  3. Allotment of Stadia. 
  4. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. All Schemes of SAI & SATS. 
  2. Correspondence with all Associations including Federations & Indian Olympic Association. 
  3. Sanction of Finances to Players etc.
  4. Reservations in Educational Institutions. 
  5. Correspondence with all Educational Institutions. 
  6. Cash Incentives/Scholarships verification of Sports Certificates for all purposes. 
  7. National Awards. 
  8. Adventures Sports.
  9. Sports Medicine. 
  10. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Correspondence relating to Infrastructure of 10 Districts. 
  2. Creation of Sports Infrastructure State Headquarters, Dist. Headquarters, Mandal/ Division Headquarter as per the Sports Policy. 
  3. Development of playfields at Village level.
  4. Implementation of Govt., of India Scheme for creation of Sports Infrastructure in the State. 
  5. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. Public Relations. 
  2. Maintenance of Library. 
  3. Maintenance of PR Office. 
  4. Board Meetings arrangements. 
  5. All functions of SATS including National Functions and other subjects. 
  6. Miscellaneous subjects. 
  7. Audio visual Equipment. 
  8. Right of information Act.
  9. Video Conference.
  10. Public grievances Cell.
  11. Any other work entrusted by VC & MD.


  1. The Dist. Sports Development Officers will sanction C.L/O.H. to other coaches, staff and Class IV employees working in DSA. He will submit attendance report of coaches, staff and class IV employees to SATS by 15th of every month.
  2. He will submit advance coaching programme of the DSA coaches on or before 20th of every month to SATS and also arrange to conduct and supervise coaching camps regularly as per instructions of SATS.
  3. He will look after the correspondence of the DSA and process the files duly scrutinized with reference to the instructions and guidelines.
  4. He will attend day-to-day functions of the DSA as per the instructions of the Collector and Chairman and ensures proper discipline in DSAs Office.
  5. He will supervise the work of other coaches and ensure effective coaching as per schedule. This includes the coaches of SAI working in district. However, their performance will be jointly examined by DSDO and the SAI Co-ordinator.
  6. He is responsible for proper utilization of the grants of DSA, as per guidelines of SATS in consultation with RDD concerned and the Chairman, DSA.
  7. He will maintain stock register and ensure proper utilization of material obtained by DSA.
  8. He is responsible for submission of accounts along with utilization certificates duly signed by Collector for the funds released by SATS and other funds in time. He is the custodian of the files, records of accounts and permanent documents.
  9. He should forward the E.L/HPL applications of the coaches and other employees working in his control with specific remarks/ recommendations to SATS.
  10. He will attend to the duties assigned by SATS from time to time.
  11. He should assist the Dist. Collector and Chairman, DSA in convening the DSA, Meetings and will submit a copy of the minutes of the meetings to SATS.
  12. In co-ordination with the Collector and Chairman, DSA, the DSDO will organize Combined Tournaments from Mandal level to District level, besides assisting in selecting the District teams in the games and will arrange to send them for participation in State Level and National Level tournaments duly obtaining sanctions of the TA/DA from the District Collector, to the District teams.
  13. He will initiate action for formation of VSAs, MSAs, and DSAs and their effective function.
  14. He will formulate development plans for Stadia, Playgrounds etc., in the District in consultation with the Chairman, DSA & proper utilization of the infrastructure by community involvement.
  15. He should forward the monthly reports on performance of all the coaches on or before 20th of every month to SATS with his specific remarks.
  16. He should ensure the implementation of the guidelines of SATS by the District Sports & Games Associations and extend assistance to the Sports bodies for the development of Sports & Games in the district.
  17. He will disburse the salaries and other payments to the Coaches and other employees working under his control on receipt of cheques/Drafts from SATS. An acquaintance roll register may be maintained for the purpose.
  18. He will assist the chief coaches of the Academies in their management.
  19. All the receipts of income & items of expenditure, grants to district bodies, Sports, Clubs, etc., are to be approved by the District Collector who is the Chairman of DSA. The cheques drawing powers are vested with the Dist. Collector.
  20. He will ensure the sanction of EL/HPL/ML from SATS office before payment of salary for the leave period to the individual.

The Collector and Chairman, DSA will be sanctioning authority on C.L. and O.H. to the DSDOs and whenever he proposes to leave the Head quarters he should obtain prior permission of the Collector & Chairman, DSA even if he proceeds on official duty.


  1. The Stadium Administrator who is the custodian of the Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome establishes the Stadium Administrator’s office in the premises of the stadium he is posted to.

The Administrator:

  1. Shall exercise overall Control & supervision on the staff posted at the Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome for its maintenance, security and other duties as assigned by him time to time.
  2. Shall maintain the attendance of the staff employed by SATS and the contract agency if any by making every individual to sign when they report for duty on the assigned time.
  3. Shall keep everyday the Deputy Director (T) Stadia informed of the activities report to Vice Chairman and Managing Director, every week through the Dy. Director (T) stadia in format prescribed.
  4. Seeks the prior approval of the VC & MD through the Dy. Director (T) to leave the Head Quarters on leave / official tour.
  5. May accept any assignment related to Sports even the temporary assignment other than the functions assigned to him by SATS on seeking the prior approval of VC & MD through the Dy. Director (T).
  6. Will sanction CLs to the maintenance and other staff working at the Stadium under his administration control. All other kinds of leave application he will with his recommendations forward to the Dy. Director (T). for seeking the approval of VC & MD.
  7. Will maintain a work diary on the day to day activities at the Stadium and submit the same to the Deputy Director (T) concerned on 1st and 16th every month.
  8. Will appraise the factual position of the activities and other issues related to the maintenance of Stadium to the Dy. Director (T). and Vice Chairman and Managing Director on their visits to the Stadium.
  9. Responsible for the collection of users fee.  He will under his signature issue the official receipt for the fee collected.  He will collect the receipt books from the office of SATS with the approval the Deputy Director (T).  He shall deposit the fee in the Bank Account of Pay and Play Schemes in the SATS account everyday and send the weekly statement to the Dy. Director (T).  Any delay in deposit will be considered as a temporary misuse of funds.
  10. Will maintain proper account for the amount advanced to him and submit the bills immediately on completion of the work for which the amount was drawn to the accounts section of SATS.
  11. Should ensure the payment of Electricity, Water and any other bills with in the stipulated date.


  1. The Administrators should get himself acquainted with the facilities available in and around the Stadium including Electricity, Water supply and communication system with the Infrastructure of equipment.
  2. The Sports equipment and other material at the stadium should be properly stored item wise and it should be made easily accessible for day-to-day use.
  3. The Administrator should ensure proper handling of the equipment by the users.
  4. The maintenance manual prepared by SATS for the upkeep of the Stadia, Sports equipment and material should be maintained.
  5. The premises of the Stadia / Swimming Pool / Velodrome should be kept clean and the surrounding greenery should be maintained.
  6. The playing area and its surrounding should be kept in the best possible manner to meet the Technical requirements.
  7. Any problem arising in the maintenance of Stadium, installation and sports equipment the matter should be immediately brought to the notice of the Dy. Director for suitable timely action.
  8. The Stadia Administrator shall work out the modalities for cost effective maintenance of Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome Complex.


  1. The Administrator shall prepare the code of conduct to the observed by the members of Pay and Play Scheme and trainee of state teams and seek the approval of VC & MD through the Dy. Director I/c.
  2. The approved code of conduct should be displayed on the notice board besides taking a written under-taking from each member of ‘Pay & Play’ Schemes and the members of state teams.
  3. The Administrator will meet the heads of the Educational Institutions in the area and appraise them of the sports facilities available at the Stadium and offer them for their utilization on payment of the charges fixed by SATS.
  4. Whenever the Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome is alloted to any Sports Association / Sports Board / party or group he should ensure that necessary precautions are taken to safeguard the playing surface, fixation fixtures and the structures of the stadium.
  5. Administrator will extend full support to the coaches imparting coaching at the Stadium for effective implementation of the coaching scheme.
  6. Administrator will maintain good rapport with the users of the Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome.  He will frequently meet the sports persons and other visiting the Stadium / Swimming Pool / Velodrome to know their views on the facilities.